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Santi Art Gallery, a Group Company of Santi Arts is an undisputed pioneer in Hand Screen Printed Reproductions of Historical and Contemporary Master Paintings

A Connoisseur’s Collection brings life to clean walls. Make the drab look magnificent! With the heat of the originals. By master artists, and superbly reproduced by a multicolor Screen Printing process. Capturing every shade, every stroke of the geniuses, with the same ease and flair. On topics ranging from the classical to the modern and thought-provoking to frolicsome.

The all-time complimentary idea for the business world, that believe in good public relations, like Dealer Conference, Press Conference, Farewell, Seminar or some other. Stamp your character on each event, with this gift and depart a memory to treasure.
A set for people who value exclusivity. A tasteful group of these Prints creates a perfect gift for all occasions… Wedding, Birthday, or felicitation. Share your exclusive preference with those that you value most.

Prints that offer a range in taste, style, and alternative; for your workplace or home, or hotels.